The Tradie Business Blog

The tradie business blog covers topics that are important for running a successful tradie business that can scale and grow. While many of the topics covered are useful to all types of businesses, we focus on how they relate to a trade/tradesman business.

Tradie Tax Tips for 2019

The end of financial year is around the corner. Check out these tips to help you get the most out of your tax and make sure you don't miss any of your obligations.

Do Tradies Need Income Protection Insurance?

Income protection insurance is mandatory for tradesmen when working in some worksites, and may be something you cannot afford not to have. How many weeks could you survive without an income?

Tradie Tips: Following Up Customer Quotes

We know that following up quotes is important, here are a range of tips on how and when to follow up on your job quotes, including an example of a follow up schedule.

Why Tradies MUST follow up after quoting

Following up on quotes whether immediately or in the near future can secure you jobs. After all, you have just spent time and energy in quoting. Running any business is all about communication, and if you actively engage in regular contact with a customer, your sales will likely increase.

Is Your Tradie Partnership Working?

Is your partnership causing problems that could be holding your business back? When you first went into business a partnership seemed like a great way to start a business, but over time the goals of individuals change.

Tips for Tradies To Avoid Tyre Kickers & Time Wasters

When you are busy trying to fit all of your tradie jobs in, wasting time quoting for tyre kickers is something you want to avoid. Here are some useful tips for screening customers and trying to weed out the tyre kickers from serious customers.

11 Marketing Tips for Tradies

Your business can only succeed if your customers can find you. In the tradie industry there is no shortage of customers, and here are some important marketing tools & ideas that must be part of your marketing strategy.

Measuring the Health of Your Tradie Business

Here is a list of some basic health checks you can do for your business that can be applied to tradie businesses. You can do these checks even if you aren't a strategic or financial expert and they will help get an overview of any issues with your business.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Apprentice

Taking on an apprentice for your trade business can seem like a great idea to get an extra set of hands at a low rate. However there are many hidden costs and things that are often overlooked when hiring apprentices. We take a look at the pros and cons.

Top 7 Cash Flow Problems for Tradies

Tradie businesses face unique challenges when it comes to cash flow. Avoiding these common pitfalls will keep your cashflow healthy to keep your business running smoothly.