Business Coaching for Tradies

Looking to grow your business, sort out cashflow issues, increase your profit margins and get off the tools?

We help solve these problems for your business while teaching you how, putting you in control of the future of your business.

Our mentoring packages have been tested and proven on real tradie businesses and are exclusively for tradies.




If you are serious about improving and growing your business, call and talk directly to a mentor to see if we can help.

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Our Process

Stage 1.  Nail It

Fix any current business issues

We review the current position your business is in, investigate issues related to cashflow, employees,  finances and your job process.

Before scaling your business we need to make sure you have a solid foundation.  Tradie businesses commonly have issues that are costing revenue and profit, these issues will make it difficult for you to see how growing the business is possible.  

Let's face it, you are amazing at what you do in your trade, but you were never really taught how to run a business that can grow.  It makes sense to get an expert to help you.


Stage 2.  Scale It

Processes to grow your business

Now that your business is in a good position and running smoothly without cashflow issues, we can focus on ways that your business can be scaled.  This results in more jobs, more efficiency and more employees.

This is an exciting time in your business; not only because we are working towards getting you off the tools, but also because growing a successful business means more profit and the satisfaction of being able to employ more workers.


Stage 3.  Get off the tools

Taking on a different role

Getting off the tools means different things to different people, but is the ultimate goal for many tradies that have worked hard for a long time on their business.

We tailor a strategy that meets your needs based on how hands-on you want to be with the business.  Most tradies still want to be in control of their business and we are here to make sure that you have the necessary business skills.


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Offers training and business-mentoring programs built specifically for tradies, with a team of business and financial experts on hand to guide you, help you and hold you accountable.

The programs:

Ongoing training to assist you to develop new skills together with regular mentoring to assist you to apply those new skills.

Using ready-to-use scripts and templates, Tradie Accelerator provides a personal business playbook designed to guide you step-by-step through achieving your goals.

A team of accountants, advisors, process specialists and marketing strategists is on board to guide you from the start to a successful finish!

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Tradie Accelerator in 30 Seconds

Testimonial from Luv2Plumb


"The key thing with people in business is that they need to know their numbers.  Numbers are everything!"

- Janine Allis, Shark Tank Australia, Season 1, Episode 8.

All too often business owners make decisions without understanding the financial consequences, both from a cash flow and overall profitability perspective.

Talk to a mentor.

Membership is open to businesses of all sizes.

The program is a dedicated roadmap towards creating a successful business, with a clear vision for where you want to be and a plan on how to get there.

If you’re ready to make meaningful changes to your business, fill in the form and one of our mentors will get in touch.